Accountability with Academics and Restorative Education (AWARE)

Accountablility With Academics and Restorative Education (AWARE) provides educational services for White Bear Lake Area School District students in grades 6-12. AWARE provides students with education in a structured setting to complete schoolwork, process their decisions, and learn strategies for solving problems
Students are referred to AWARE by a school administrator, typically for a period of up to ten days. Some students may be referred for a longer period of time. AWARE is not a permanent educational placement.

A typical day at AWARE includes:

  • Academic work, including classwork from the home school
  • Restorative education activities including "Movie with a Message" and service learning opportunities, as appropriate.
  • Physical activity
  • Meetings with a social worker concerning student offenses.

AWARE is available to a limited number of students. Transportation to and from the AWARE program is provided by the White Bear Lake Area School District. Breakfast and lunch are available on-site.