Transition Plus (T+)

Transition Plus is a program for young adults with special needs, typically between the ages of 18 - 21. While on campus, students rotate through courses that include Employment Exploration, Community Connections, Independent Living Skills, Ingredients, and Popular Publications. The courses are designed to cover all of the transition areas with a goal of increased self-confidence to help guide them successfully into the next stage of independence.

Transition Plus opportunities include: Community based instruction, post-secondary and career exploration, experiences to gain employment skills, opportunities to learn functional skills needed for everyday living, food preparation and nutrition instruction, and experiences to gain organization and academic skill.

The work-based learning program provides students with an opportunity to learn through supported work experiences. The program can include informational interviews, job tours, youth apprenticeships, paid and unpaid work experiences, job shadowing, business mentoring, simulated work tasks, service learning, and classroom education. Work-based learning is a chance for young adults to discover things they can't learn in a classroom, by engaging them in real-world activities.

Classroom hours are 8:15 a.m. to 2:15 p.m., Monday through Friday.

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