Transition Plus (T+)

Transition Plus is a program for young adults with special needs, typically between the ages of 18 - 21. While on campus, students rotate through courses that include Employment Exploration, Community Connections, Independent Living Skills, Ingredients, and Popular Publications. The courses are designed to cover all of the transition areas with a goal of increased self-confidence to help guide them successfully into the next stage of independence.

Transition Plus opportunities include: Community based instruction, post-secondary and career exploration, experiences to gain employment skills, opportunities to learn functional skills needed for everyday living, food preparation and nutrition instruction, and experiences to gain organization and academic skill.

The work-based learning program provides students with an opportunity to learn through supported work experiences. The program can include informational interviews, job tours, youth apprenticeships, paid and unpaid work experiences, job shadowing, business mentoring, simulated work tasks, service learning, and classroom education. Work-based learning is a chance for young adults to discover things they can't learn in a classroom, by engaging them in real-world activities.

Classroom hours are 8:00 am to 2:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

TEC Course Catalog

Academic Team Building

Academic Development 101 is a course designed to build skills that students will use for the rest of their life, increasing their independence. The instruction is focused within the functional context of home, school, work, and community environments focusing on functional reading and mathematical concepts. The skills that may be covered in the Academic Development 101 course include: functional reading, recognizing community and safety signs, writing/spelling, calendar skills, recognizing holidays, basic math, time management, money skills, knowledge of current or historical events, and activities that support fine motor skills. The mission of the Academic Development 101 course is to help students become functioning members of their own communities to the fullest extent possible through a functional blend of academics and life skills. 

Academic Team Building 201 is a course focused on building academic skills while working together as a team. Students collaborate to reach individual and group goals. In the Academic Team Building 201 course, team-building activities are a focus as functional teams are one of the mechanisms used by employers to develop a sustainable and positive culture. 

Academy of Fine Arts

Academy of Fine Arts 201 is a course designed to provide students with an opportunity to explore a variety of art forms. Students often use art forms as a means of creative expression. This course will enrich and enhance arts concepts and mediums within student’s daily lives. The Academy of Fine Arts 201 course maintains a balance of traditional and innovative instruction in small-class settings to accommodate individual interests and needs. Throughout the course, students will explore photography, painting, architecture, and theatre.

American Express

American Express 101 is a course designed to explore the United States and its history. Students will learn fundamental  concepts in geography and obtain a basic knowledge of American culture through a chronological survey of major issues, movements, people, and events in the United States. This course will teach state capitals and explore influential Native Americans, minorities, inventors and women. This course incorporates music, film and art into learning as well.

Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit 101 is a course where food and culture meet. In the Bon Appetit 101 course students will learn about food,  cultures, and specific cuisines. This course examines components of travel, tourism, attractions, food and beverage. Students will travel the world through videos and experience the sights, sounds and tastes it has to offer.

Bon Appetit 201 is a course where students will immerse themselves in cultures different from their own. This course examines components of traveling the world and the opportunities the broader world has to offer through videos to experience the sights, sounds and tastes. Students research popular dishes from around the world and have an opportunity to select and prepare ethnic recipes. Students will be asked to keep a journal of thoughts, reflections, and perspective on their cooking and cultural experiences.

Community Connections

Community Connections 101 is designed to connect students with a variety of activities and services. The Community Connections course explores athletics, the arts and adventures the community has to offer. This course will be a valuable resource for students seeking fun and educational community opportunities.

College and Career Connections 201 is designed to expose students to a variety of career and academic skills. Developing these skills provides students with the opportunity to enhance life-long learning. The College and Career Connections course puts students on a path to college and career success. Preparing young adults for success requires hands on experiences where students are engaged and gain meaningful experiences. The College and Career course will expand their career awareness by exposing students to a variety of community resources and explore college and career opportunities

Community Participation

Community Participation 101 prepares students to act appropriately in social situations and how to improve on those skills. Service Learning helps students develop strong character traits such as being trustworthy, respectful, caring, reliable, and being a good citizen. In the Community Participation 101 course, students learn to work together and gain valuable social skills. They also learn how to be creative and how to problem solve. To be successful at work and play, young adults must have good social skills!


Connections 101 will expose students to world events through a variety of engaging activities. In the Connections 101 course students will build their reading, vocabulary and life skills while watching videos and exploring the newspaper.

Current Events

Current Events 201 will increase the likelihood that students are informed about what’s going on around the world. Students will engage in a series of activities requiring them to read, comprehend, write, speak, and listen. In the Current Events 201 course, students will build skills utilizing photographs, illustrations and videos, while sharing opinions with their peers.

Employment Exploration

Employment Exploration 101 is designed to build "soft skills" that will increase student success on a job site. "Soft skills" refer to a cluster of personal qualities, habits, and attitudes that make someone a good employee and compatible to work with. Companies value soft skills because research suggests and experience shows that they can be just as important an indicator of job performance as hard skills. Each company looks for a different mix of skills and experience depending on the business. To complement a student's unique talents, there are certain "soft skills" every company looks for in a potential hire. In the Employment Exploration 101 course students will build their "soft skills" including communication, enthusiasm and attitude, teamwork, networking, problem solving, critical thinking, strong work ethic, time management abilities, self-confidence, accepting criticism, and adaptability. 

Employment Seminar 201 is a course dedicated to career development. Students gain the necessary knowledge and skills to prepare them for employment and to ensure a positive transition into the adult community. Employment Seminar 201 provides students an opportunity to observe and gain training at selected community businesses. Students are supported by a job-coach, as needed. Students learn about creating and updating resumes, completing job applications, interview skills, thank you letters, self-awareness (interests, abilities, aptitudes and skills), career planning (awareness, exploration and preparation), employee rights and responsibilities, responsibilities of employers, succeeding in the workplace (keeping a job), meeting employer expectations, maintaining a safe and healthy work environment, work ethics and behavior, interpersonal relationships, and employment forms. “Soft skills” such as communication, enthusiasm and attitude, teamwork, networking, problem solving, critical thinking, strong work ethic, time management abilities, self-confidence, accepting criticism, and adaptability are also taught and reviewed.

Essential Skills

Essential Skills 101 supports students in developing daily living skills and promotes mastery for independence in adulthood. Students experience activities in the areas of cleaning, hygiene, and laundry. Instruction in the area of fundamental math skills addresses skills such as money, time and organization. Students receive support to prepare them to maximize participation in the community.

Exploration of Social Studies

Exploration of Social Studies 201 is a course designed to prepare students to be active, informed, and responsible citizens. Social studies increases students’ awareness of their world, their nation, their state, and themselves, giving them fundamental understanding of their society and others. In this course, students will examine a broad range cultures to help them gain knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values that enable them to be effective problem-solvers, good decision-makers, and wise planners. Ultimately, social studies provides a context for students to use the skills introduced in other areas to understand and practice the art of living and working together in a productive and constructive manner.

Me, Myself and I

Me, Myself and I 201 will help students examine barriers to independence. This course will examine aspects of independent living and help students develop skills in areas such as money management, housekeeping and personal safety. Independent living means having the opportunity to be as self-sufficient as possible. Independent living has to do with self-determination and should not be defined solely in terms of living on one’s own. Independent living isn’t easy, but this course will help students identify barriers and take steps to breaking down those barriers one day at a time to be their best self.

Independent Living Skills

Independent Living Skills 201 helps students, families, teachers and other service providers to determine a student's readiness for living independently in the community. In the Independent Living Skills course students will develop skills in areas such as budgeting and money management, housekeeping and personal safety.


Independent Study

Independent Study 201 is perfect for students with well-defined goals and motivation to complete the goals as part of the Individual Education Program (IEP). The Independent Study 201 course allows a student to focus on their IEP goals and objectives, as well as explore other areas of interest to help them transition to independent living and adulthood. The Independent Study 201 course provides students with an opportunity to participate in the creation of academic learning experiences geared to individual needs, interests, aptitudes and desired outcomes.


Ingredients 101 will support students in expanding their understanding of planning and preparing well- balanced meals. In the Ingredients 101 class students will follow simple recipes, develop an understanding of kitchen safety and assist in meal preparation.

Ingredients 201 will support students in expanding their understanding of nutrition while planning and preparing well balanced meals. In the Ingredients 201 course students will develop skills in the areas of budgeting, couponing, measurement costs, using a knife, kitchen safety, recipe and meal planning.

Mastering Math Concepts

Mastering Math Concepts 201 emphasizes the language of math and problem solving. The Mastering Math Concepts 201 course is an introduction to basic algebra concepts and a review of foundational math concepts. The course helps students to develop good mathematical study skills and learning new strategies as an integral part of this course. Students will solve real world mathematical problems using a number of math foundations and operations including multiplication, division, ratio and percent.

Media and Technology

Media and Technology 201 is a course that’s designed for students who are new to computers or want to expand their knowledge before they can feel confident using the tools available today. Filled with screenshots and real life examples, this course is designed to help anyone feel more comfortable with basic technology. The Media and Technology 201 course is designed to answer questions such as “What is media?” “What types of media and technology are there?” “How and why do people choose the types of media they use to communicate?"


My PHD 201 is a class focused on improving physical fitness, health and diet. This course investigates the value of physical fitness in daily life, examines methods of assessing personal fitness levels, and developing an individualized fitness program. Emphasis is placed on the personal development of fitness, with a goal to improve levels of one’s diet, fitness and health during the course. This course demonstrates how eating right and moderate physical activity help students live healthy physically fit lives. Students will be introduced to what it means to live a healthy lifestyle, maintaining a healthy weight, examine healthy habits, and stress management. Activities such as taking and recording temperature, pulse and blood pressure are activities incorporated into this course.

Music and Lyrics

Music and Lyrics 201 will look at the art of combining words with music. Students will analyze a variety of music genres and song writers, with historical and social connections. The object of the course is to give insight into how every piece of music with text is more than the written alone.


PACTS Lab is a simulated work environment that focuses on production, assembly, clerical, technology and service skills. Students participating in the PACTS lab learn entry-level skills in multiple career/work areas, follow work procedures, discover interests for certain tasks and develop problem-solving skills at an intermediate level.

Permit Preparation

Permit Preparation 201 will expose students to what it takes to obtain their permit. The Permit Preparation 201 course will better prepare students for the written test and provide them the opportunity to ask questions and discuss concerns. Driving on major roadways is a lot of responsibility and is not for everyone. Young adults must consider the safety of themselves and others. This course will discuss he challenges individuals face once they are on the road.

Personal Growth and Development

Personal Growth and Development 101 is intended to help students gain knowledge of various disabilities. Keep in mind that two people can have the same disability and still be very different. The Personal Growth and Development 101 course is designed to help students better understand what it means and how it feels to be a young person with a disability. This course further gives students an opportunity to learn more about their own disability and how to adapt to live life, go to school, or work as independently as possible.

Personal Growth and Development 201 is designed for young adults to learn more about their disability, as well as the disabilities of others. This course helps young adults make informed decisions about whether or not to disclose their disability and understand how that decision may impact their education, employment, and social lives.

Popular Publications

Popular Publications 201 course is designed to give students a basic understanding of journalism and newspaper writing techniques. Students will participate in research and creative writing all while learning about layout, design, blogging, social media and copyright laws. Students will develop their writing abilities and editing skills by creating articles for the school newsletter. Students will also develop skills in photography and interviewing to gather information.

Positive Engagement

Positive Engagement 201 assists students in learning about mental health, mental illness, social emotional learning and healthy lifestyles. Being educated in these areas is important for many reasons. Understanding yourself, others, being able to resolve conflicts and problem-solve are essential life skills. Living a healthy lifestyle helps individuals acquire and maintain relationships, help make and maintain cohesive families, and increase the probability of attaining a job through communication and collaboration. The Positive Engagement 201 course will provide students with skills that can help reduce anxiety and increase ability to make appropriate decisions. Students will develop an awareness of personal wellness strategies/techniques that they can use at school, home or on the job.

Read 180

Read 180 provides students with personalized rigorous instruction for college, career, and beyond. In our changing world it is critical that upon receiving a diploma, students have the reading skills to read for leisure, to gain knowledge and are ready for college or a career. 

Recreation and Leisure/Book Club

Recreation and Leisure/Book Club 101 is an important course that promotes quality of life. Recreation and leisure activities increase self-esteem and confidence. It gives students the opportunity to make their own choices and enables them to become involved and feel part of the community. In addition, recreation and leisure activities can increases the opportunities students have to gain and develop new friendships. It allows students to be challenged, take risks and experience new things. This course also incorporates a book club allowing students to share ideas about books that they have listened to or read.

Recreation and Leisure/Book Club 201 sounds like a course of fun and games—and indeed it is! Recreation is about activities, pastimes, and experiences, which are freely chosen. They are usually undertaken in free time and produce feelings of well-being, fulfillment, enjoyment, relaxation and satisfaction. This course offers opportunities for students to express creativity, expand their leisure possibilities, achieve and master new things and feel good about doing so. The Recreation and Leisure 201 course also incorporates a book club allowing students to share ideas about books that they have listened to or read.

Safe and Healthy You

Safe and Healthy You 201 is a course that invites students to have conversations about making healthy choices and human sexuality. The course is designed to help students better understand the importance of having an active lifestyle, while making healthy and safe decisions. Students will learn about human anatomy, social skills, self-esteem, emotional relations, exploitation prevention and boundaries.

Transition Tracker

Transition Tracker 101 is perfect for students who like researching a variety of topics. The Transition Tracker 101 course provides an opportunity for students to work in groups and independently on transition skills. The transition activities a student investigates may arise from the student's own experience and interests or may derive from the student's Individual Education Program (IEP). The student's participating in the Transition 101 course will schedule meetings with their teacher to ensure the student is tracking activities.

Transition Tracker 201 is a course where students work in groups and independently to complete transition activities in the areas of post-secondary education and training, employment and independent living. The Transition Tracker 201 course provides an opportunity for students to track transition activities that arise from experience and interests, from the student's Individual Education Program (IEP) and from skills known to be necessary in adulthood. Student's participating in the Transition 201 course will schedule regular meetings with their teacher to track the completion of transition activities.