If you will be absent, please call the TEC Absence Line at (651) 773-6051 . Select Option 1 and leave a message to let us know you will be absent.

Transportation: (651) 407-7538

School News

collage of cutting boards and tumblers

Students in the Transition Education Center (TEC) are open for business with their Bear Boards and More initiative. District staff and community members are invited to check out opportunities to purchase cutting boards and tumblers that have been hand-made made by TEC students themselves. Find additional information in the specific order forms: boards and tumblers.

Representation of Me

Students at the district’s Transition Education Center participated in a hands-on activity this week. This informative and creative lesson was highlighted in a recent video issue of "The Week in 62.4 Seconds".

Bear outside holding diploma

Congratulations 2020 graduates! We are so proud of all you have accomplished. Even though graduation will look a bit differently this year, we are excited to celebrate you in a new and exciting way. Learn more about celebrating the White Bear grads!